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My name is Larry, My passion for photography is about 10 years strong. Creating amazing still form weddings, workshops, private event, behind the scenes, sponsor shoots, movement and performances.

The drives I have to capture the depth of my client's visions and imagination and bring ideas to life. Also personally love to capture a person's emotion and souls for an everlasting and memorable picture.

Having had the pleasure of working with some of Europe’s greatest dancers, while being able to travel as far as the US to capture the movement and actions of some incredible athletes and dancers.

Why not, give yourself the chance to make that vision a reality, let's create something amazing, that we both would be proud of.

Email : contact.larrypictureart@gmail.com
Tél. : +33 6 23 67 93 11

Instagram : larrypictureart
Facebook : LarryPictureArt

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